1. It is best to search and watch decal installations on to get familiarized with the process ahead of installation.
  2. Installing large decal is a delicate process, please take your time.
  3. Once you get the decal out of the box. Please put it on flat surface and rub it thoroughly on the back till it no longer rolls into a tube.
  4. Peel the backing slowly and if pieces of decal stick to it put it back and rub it with your fingers till it comes off the backing. This is particularly important with small and sharp pieces.
  5. Most bubbles will go away in few days under sun. Those that remain can be popped with a sharp needle and flattened out.
  6. Do NOT wash the vehicle for 48 hours.


Tools Needed:

  1. Small Spray bottle with 5-7 drops of dish soap.
  2. Squeegee or a credit card.
  3. Masking or any non-marking tape.
  4. Razor blade or a sharp knife.
  5. Heat gun or hair dryer (optional).



  1. Wash the vehicle and dry it thoroughly.
  2. Clean the area that decal needs to be installed with lint-free piece of cloth and rubbing alcohol and let it dry.
  3. Position the decal and make sure the orientation is correct and have enough margin to be folded under doors, fenders and edges.
  4. Tape the center vertically as well as other corners. Step back and make sure it is where you need it to be.
  5. Peel only half of the backing (white sheet with Oracal 651 marking) and spray plenty of soapy water on the sticky side of decal as well as vehicle part that decal needs to stick to.
  6. Use squeegee or credit card to slowly apply the decal from center and work your way to other edges. As you squeeze the water and air bubbles out, make sure that decal is not pulled too much as it might distort it.
  7. Once half is done repeat onto second half.
  8. Now slowly rub squeegee over masking tape and look for any bubbles of air or water to squeeze out.
  9. Start to slowly remove masking tape at one corner. If any piece started peeling off, put making tape back and rub it with squeegee and try again. (Can use hair dryer or heat gun to aid in masking tape removal.
  10. After masking tape removed make sure most air and water bubbles are squeezed out.
  11. Very carefully cut or fold at seams (between doors, around the edges, corners of tailgates).
  12. Congratulations, you made it.