Who we are?

This store front is the result of years of brain storming of how to start a decal design studio. And Just like many other future plans, it has been a victim of neglect and searching for the so-called “right moment”.  Finally in the spring of 2017 we decided to take our chances and start this virtual storefront in hope of sharing our designs and creations with the wider world.

What’s in the designs?

All of our designs are of our creations. Some might have been inspired by other available designs but they have their uniqueness nonetheless.

What’s in the name?

You might be surprised to know that Jupiter is not only the name of the biggest planet in our solar system, but also a name given to a piece of paradise in southern Florida. It is located on the east coast of Florida in the county of Palm Beach, roughly 100miles north of the city of Miami. Since we moved here in early 2015 the name has always surprised friends and family; So “JupiterOnEarth” it is!

Custom Designs?

We accept custom projects for cars, walls, businesses. Please send us a detail description of what you are looking for, dimensions of your projects and we will send you an estimate in regard to time it would take to create the decal and cost.

How Our Designs Made?

We design each and every product using top of the line Adobe Illustrator CC. In order to make sure that our products will have correct fitment, we use official vehicle templates as well as actual measurement if possible. Once design is finalized it will be sent to our state of art plotters. Unlike most online small businesses that use hobby grade plotter, we use Graphite/Mimaki small and large plotters. These are accurate machines that result in amazingly detailed and beautiful product each and every time.

How to contact us?

via email: sales@jupiteronearth.co


via text only: (818) 350-2722