How Is Made:

All our products are made to order. We put a lot of love into what we make and treat every single customer the way we would like to be treated. We use the German vinyl company Orafol’s Oracal 651 (outdoor) line of products. We use some of best and most accurate cutting machines in the industry (Graphtec/Mimaki) to cut our designs.

Once the design is cut, it is weeded (excess removed), transfer tape is applied on the decal for easy application, then it will be rolled into a tube for safe and secure shipping.

How Long will it last:

According to manufacturer of our vinyls, Orafol, Oracal 651 will last up to 6 years in outdoor environment. Based on our experience there is no limit if the vehicle is mostly kept indoor. It is car wash/pressure wash safe, is UV resistant, which means it would not fade in the sun.

Lead Time:

We make every effort to ship our products as quickly as possible. If we have the raw materials we will ship in 1 business day, otherwise we will ship them 3-4 business day after your initial order date.

Shipping Methods:

Our default shipping method is flat rate via USPS first class, which you can then upgrade to priority mail if needed. Within continental US it would take between 3-5 business days (First Class) and 2-3 Day (Priority) for delivery.

Return Policy:

If we send you defective product or simply is not what we described it to be, we will send you a replacement. However, If you fail to follow the instruction and we determine that product failure is due to installation error, we would not accept return or provide replacement.

What would constitute denial of return/replace:

  1. Products are installed improperly either by you or 3rd Party.
  2. It was installed on wrong vehicle.
  3. It was installed on Wrong part of vehicle.
  4. It was installed in a dry method (all our products need to be installed wet, refer to installation guide)
  5. Installed in an extremely dusty/windy/cold outdoor environment.
  6. You received extremely damaged box but failed to take and send pictures right away.


Under no circumstance we will provide our template for cutting at home. Some larger or multi-piece decals needs extra care during installation. You need to line them up and make sure they are aligned before trying to install them. In most cases you would benefit from an extra pair of hands and some patience.